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I love finding unique uses for beautiful items. I have a bad habit of saving oddball things I find “just in case” and frames have been one of my worst offenses. When the studio I worked for 9 years ago closed down I took home many of the frames that were left behind,  and for 9 years they sat in my attic until we moved this last January and my husband threatened to throw them out!  The thing is I had never forgotten about them as he assumed, I was just waiting for the wall space to create something awesome with them!

Finally I can share with you 5 ideas for using empty frames in your decor. Below you will find two useful ways to use them, one way as decor without any portraits, and two ways to use them with portraits without putting a portrait in them!

1. Frame decor wall


You can use the frames as part of your decor without ever putting a portrait in them. They become their own work of art! For this wall I used 6 frames of various sizes and shapes, all pray painted to match daughters butterfly themed room. I have to say this one took me the most time to put together because I wanted to find just the right item for each frame but I have to say the wait was worth it! The result is a unique piece of art that complements her decor perfectly!

2. Hair bow rack


Making a hair bow board from an old frame is very simple. For this I simply painted the frame the color I wanted it, used a staple gun to attach the ribbons across (Make sure to measure to get them straight!) and its ready to clip your bows up!

3. Artwork clipsHome_Decor_art_clips

With school starting back up moms I’m betting your dreading the stacks of papers piling up! While often school papers get tossed in our home there are those precious pieces of artwork that are hard to part with. So make a art wall where you can easily switch out the artwork. Simply paint the frames and clothes pins the same color to match, use hot glue to attach the clothes pins to the frames (again make sure to measure) and hag them on the wall to clip new artwork to all year long!

4. Pairing decorative frames with simply framed portraits. 


Here is a really simple idea for displaying your portraits with some beautiful decorative frames. This one doesn’t need much explanation just simple and pretty!

and now for number 5, my very favorite and what I was envisioning every time I saw those empty frame in that attic!

5. Create a unique overlapping frame wall! 


This wall combines framed prints, a canvas and a variety a frames but you could easily mix this up a use more canvases or even the heritage wood rounds in it. This wall was more complicated to hang than the others but well worth the effort. To overlap the frames hang them with screws and drywall anchors. For the bottom layer frames (closer to the wall) hang them as your would any other frame, however when hanging the overlapping frames make sure you have long enough screws that they will stick out past the first layer for frames. If you are hanging a frame or canvas with saw tooth hangers on the back you will want the screws to stick out about even with the front of the frame however if you are hanging something like the heritage wood rounds with a keyhole hanger or a frame without hooks on the back the screws will need to stick out a little past the front of the frame below.

A quick tip that can be used for any of these. if you are having trouble figuring out how to lay out your frames get some painters tape and measure it out to recreate the frames on your walls with the tape. You can then see where to overlap, and even mark on the tap where the saw tooth hangers or other brackets fall!

Have a creative way you have used frames in your home? I would love to see them! Share your images with me at jennifer@truth-photography.com

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headshotMy name is Jennifer Tavera, the photographer behind Truth Photography. I am a Northglenn Colorado family photographer and gallery designer seeking adventurous, free spirited families. I believe that your life is epic and deserves to be captured with photography! I specializes in creating unique photo sessions that will be an adventure for your child or family and turning the finished portraits into beautiful wall art for your home. For more information on my sessions visit www.truth-photography.com I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure!!

~Jennifer Tavera
Photographer and Gallery designer


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