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Chelsea-11Today I’m sharing another guest post by local DoTERRA Rep. Chelsea Schofield. I am very excited to share this one because as a Denver area outdoor photographer I often encounter mosquitoes on my photo shoots.

I personally have been very picky about what products I will put on my children and If I am not willing to pray my own kids with chemicals I would ask you to do it for your photo shoot either. So if you, like myself have been looking for an alternative I have it for you!



Before I share what Chelsea said about this though I’d love to tell you a little more about her!

Chelsea is a Blogger, speaker, teacher, mom and wife who is passionate about healthy homes & families in all areas of life. She is a rep for DoTERRA essential oils but on her Facebook page she also shares information and tips for moms in all areas of motherhood.
So without further ado, here is what Chelsea had to say about keeping the bugs at away!



I love summer. Love, love summer. There’s a relaxed feel that comes over everyone in the summer that just doesn’t happen during the other seasons. The sunshine makes me happy & even the warmth is pleasant to me. Longer days, cool nights, BBQs, hangouts, ice cream on the front porch, relaxed hang outs, days lounging at the pool… can you tell? I could keep going, but you get my drift. Summer is an amazing season.

There’s just one downside. At least just one that I can think of at this very minute.


Now, I get they serve a purpose & we need them for more ways than we probably realize, but dang little buggers bite & sting. Not cool, bugs. Not cool.

Well, as you would assume, I am going to do things to avoid those little bites. Just like you will, because I have yet to meet someone who enjoys getting bit by bugs. It might be the one things we can all agree on as a human race. What do you think? Maybe that’s going to far, but if there’s someone out there that would disagree with that, well we can’t hang out. Cause I repel bugs. In the most non-toxic, healthiest way possible.

Friends, I’ve found a bug spray recipe that is the BOMB. I do not say this lightly. This stuff is ahh-maz-ing. It’s not just me. You don’t have to take my word for it. When we have friends over the kids ask their parents if they can use our bug spray. No joke. It’s like my super power. The one thing I can count on is the kids loving my bug spray. #momgoals, right? I know. You’re all slightly jealous. The good news is I’m not a competitive type mom and I can share the powers with you. Cause I care like that. I want you to be a super mom too. So are you all dying for the recipe now?

Drumroll, please.


Magic Bug Spray

Outdoor Blend

Cleansing Blend



Witch hazel

Distilled water

4 oz water bottle

Shake well before using.

There you have it. Secrets out. Go be a super mom. Tell me all about it.

Hey, now that we’ve become bug spray besties, I’d love to meet you and connect with you more about how we can use all our mom powers to create healthier families. Come find me in my little corner of facebook, make our friendship and connection official by hitting that like button & say hi.




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My name is Jennifer Tavera, the photographer behind Truth Photography. I am a Northglenn Colorado family photographer and gallery designer seeking adventurous, free spirited families. I believe that your life is epic and deserves to be captured with photography! I specializes in creating unique photo sessions that will be an adventure for your child or family and turning the finished portraits into beautiful wall art for your home. For more information on my sessions visit www.truth-photography.com I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure!!

~Jennifer Tavera
Photographer and Gallery designer


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