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Westminster-maternity-photographer-01 (2)I’m guessing that the last time you planned a family photo session that the color of the walls in your home or the style of your couch was not a factor in choosing what to wear or the location of your photo shoot. You didn’t think to yourself, my house has a very modern, urban vibe, I should have my family photos done downtown, or my house is decorated with a very organic outdoorsy look, a session on Flagstaff mountain in Boulder would perfectly match the vibe of my space. But I am here to tell you you should!

Why should my family photos be inspired by the look of my home? 

When we were young and our parents had family photos taken, they would have never dreamed of asking for “just the film” so that they could put them in a book somewhere and never had them printed…I mean am I right? They went and got printed photos from their photographer to hang on the walls in their home. The point of having photos taken was to hang images of their family in their home and enjoy them! So if the end goal is to use those photos as decor in your home shouldn’t they match the look of your home?

4 steps to coordinating your photos to your home

1. Choose the room or rooms where you would like to hang your portraits

The first step to matching your images to your decor is obviously to choose what decor you want to match them to. Take a walk around your home, do you have an open wall you want to fill with new photos? Do you have some old photos you want to update? Locate those spaces and ask yourself, do these spaces have a similar look or do they have very different looks. If the answer is similar great, your photos are going to look great anywhere in your home. If they look very different, no problem choose the space that is your main goal to get decor for.

2. Tell your photographer about your vision

Ok, time to take out your cell phone and snap a photo of those spaces that you want to hang the photos in. Why? Chances are I  as your photographer have not been in your home,  unless I have photographed your family in the past. You are going to send this to me and let me know you want your finished portraits to look great in this space.

When you send the picture make sure to come up with a few words you would use to describe your space. For example, when we bought our home one of the things we really loved about it was the family room. The room has dark wood floors, a floor to ceiling brick fireplace, high ceilings with exposed rafters, and my plan is to paint it a dark red to give it almost a Tudor or Gothic look. While we choose a more modern dark leather sectional for the room the other furniture in the room are all antique pieces. If I were planning a photo shoot of images to display in that room I would describe the space as; “Dark and moody red room with lots of antiques.”

3. Coordinate your outfits to the room

As your photographer my mind is already coming up with ideas. For example in this example of my own space and family, I don’t see my family dressing up in Tudor era clothing but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a session to match the space. First I would pull colors from the room. I am seeing reds and browns as the main colors, formal but modern clothing with a nod to the gothic era, I would totally be all about a full length red dress and this wearing this necklace!

il_570xN.1588033971_gz0x  (I found this gem on etsy, click here to visit the sellers site:


Anyway enough of that tangent I think you get the point but a few more quick examples:

Modern fun living room with blue tones: You might try dressing in blues with pops of yellow, why yellow? To add some fun bright colors and make it a happy space!


This is a similar bright happy space with colors from the room used in the photo shoot!

snapshot (21)

Neutral earthy tones with an outdoorsy vibe: Matching this space is going to be more about the location than the clothing which we will discuss below but try shades or brown, cream or tan, greens or even blues to match this space.

snapshot (29)

Vintage space with light colors, lots of vintage items like record players or vintage trunks: I’m seeing lace dresses, pearls, suspenders and bow-ties in pastels and tans!

4. Choosing the location

Ok now that we have a vision of the clothing lets complete the look with the perfect location! Going back to the original example of my family room a location with some history is a must! Whether is something  like the pavilion at Cheeseman park, Civic Center park or Highlands Ranch Mansion the location is going to complete the look of this photo shoot!

Lets look at some other examples:

The Earth tones living room: There are tons of locations that would work great for this look. A mountain spot like Flaggstaff mountain or Lookout mountain or maybe a place with a beautiful creek like Clear Creek History park!

snapshot (31)


Shabby Chic living room: There are lots of location in the area with barns but my favorite is the barn along Boulder Creek.



Modern sleek feel: You may want to consider an urban session to match your decor!

5. Choose a prop from the room to bring to the session!

Do you have a chair in your space that you really love? Or an old trunk? Consider bringing it along to the session! Make sure you let me know before the session what you are planning to bring so I can plan to work it into your session!




This works great with smaller items too! Want new photos to hang in your dinning room? Consider a tea party for your little girls with your own china or favorite table cloth. (Mommy and me or Daddy and me tea parties are a great idea too!) There are so many ways you can work the decor of your home into the session!


I hope this gives you some ideas for decorating your home with the best art ever, photos of your family! My fall flash sale starts Wednesday August 1st and will be available to my insiders only, If you want to get 50% off your fall family session make sure you are part of my insiders club! Join the club at



My name is Jennifer Tavera, the photographer behind Truth Photography. I am a Northglenn Colorado family photographer and gallery designer seeking adventurous, free spirited families. I believe that your life is epic and deserves to be captured with photography! I specializes in creating unique photo sessions that will be an adventure for your child or family and turning the finished portraits into beautiful wall art for your home. For more information on my sessions visit I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure!!



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