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“What is a gift print and how do they work?” 


Since I switched to a full service boutique style photographer service last fall the questions I get the most about my collections and products is “what is a gift print and how do they work?”

I created my packages in a way that they have a lot of options for my clients to choose exactly what photos they want and in what sizes, but I didn’t want them to look busy and confusing on paper. What I came up with to make this work was “gift print sets”. This idea was inspired by my days as a studio photographer for a children’s portraits studio chain (remember when those were a thing lol). When I worked in the studio our portrait packages gave them options for what we called portrait sheets. In the studio the sheet was a printed sheet  of the same photo in a particular size, for example two 5×7’s. While our customers in the studio loved being able to pick the sizes they needed they always hated that it had to be a full sheet of that size, so when I created my gift prints sets I wanted to take a similar concept and make it better.

Ok so what makes my version better? 

The first thing I wanted to change is I wanted to offer something that could be easily hung on your own wall or gifted to family but I didn’t want to offer something that you could purchase at a budget studio or your local print lab.

All of my gift prints come beautifully matted to make your photos stand out. A mat also serves a second purpose however of putting a layer in between your portraits and the glass of the frame. Have you every had a photo in a frame too long and gone to take it out only to find it had actually stuck to the frame? The photo mat helps protect your images from this and makes for a beautiful presentation in your home!

Denver family photographer that offers photo prints

The second thing I wanted to do is give the option of different photos in one gift print set. So for example if you choose a set of 5×7’s you will get 3 5×7 images. You don’t however need to order 3 of the same image with my sets. You can choose any 3 images you like!

OK, so my package comes with 5 gift prints sets, how many images is that? 

My most popular package by far has been the Maya Jane package because it offers a great mixture of wall art, gift print sets and digital files. So for this example I am going to use that package.

Denver photographer, Canvas collection

Complete Maya Jane Package One 16×24 Canvas, Two 11×14 Canvases, 5 gift print sets (Show here as two 11×14, two 8×10 and one 5×7 set) and the complete set of edited digital files.

The Maya Jane package comes with 5 gift print sets, but that doesn’t mean you only have 5 prints to keep or gift. My sets break down in the following way.

Choose from:

  1. One 11×14 or
  2. Two 8x10s or
  3. Three 5x7s
Photography prints, Denver area family photographer

The three gift print set options.

In the package you can choose any combination of these 3 sizes to make up your gift print sets. You can choose all 11×14 and only have 5 prints total or all 5×7 for a total of 15 prints or you can mix it up and choose something like 1 11×14, 4 8×10 and 3 5×7. I counted and there are actually 21 different combinations of print sizes that you could pick so instead of showing you all of them I have created some layouts just to show a few of the options!


Artwork Denver, Maternity photography Northglenn Colorado, How to decorate your nursery.

Three 11×14 sets, one 8×10 set, one 5×7 set.


Denver Photographer, Where should I get my professional photos printed? Matted photo prints Denver.

One 8×10 set and four 5×7 sets.

Beautiful matted and framed prints, Boulder Colorado Maternity photographer. Decorate your home with portraits.

Three 11×14 sets and two 8×10 sets.

Maternity photos Northglenn Colorado, newborn photographer, professional photographer offers prints.

Two 11×14 sets and three 8×10 sets.

maternity photos in Denver, photographer who offers prints, matted photo prints.

Two 11×14 sets and three 5×7 sets.

Northglenn Colorado maternity photography that offers prints.

Three 8×10 sets and two 5×7 sets.

Denver area maternity photographer who offers prints, printed and framed portraits, where to print your professional photos.

One 11×14 set, two 8×10 sets and two 5×7 sets.

Denver maternity photographer print packages, high end photo prints.

One 11×14 set, three 8×10 sets and a 5×7 set.

Ok so now that you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, I just want to say don’t worry, I am going to help you walk through what sizes will work best in your own home and also what would be the best sizes for gifts for your family. I will come, hold up samples on your walls so you can see them and help you put together these packages!

Want to find out more? Join here to get all of my session information! 



My name is Jennifer Tavera, the photographer behind Truth Photography. I am a Northglenn Colorado family photographer seeking imaginative, free spirited families who want more than just a boring family photo. I believe that your life is epic and deserves to be captured with photography! I specializes in creating unique photo sessions that will be an adventure for your child or family and turning the finished portraits into beautiful wall art for your home. For more information on my sessions visit www.truth-photography.com I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure!!



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