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Northglenn-Co-Maternity-photographer-05The most important part of dressing a family for family portraits, in my opinion, is dressing mom so she looks fabulous and LOVES the way she looks. As moms we are often very critical of the way we look. Maybe we haven’t lost that baby fat from your last child and most of us have that part of our body we just don’t love, for me its my chin! So I want to help you feel more confident and beautiful not only for your next portrait session but also in your everyday life!

I am not a fashion expert, I did a lot of research to put together this guide. But after reading many, many articles and blogs about dressing for your body type I hope that this guide can help you choose the correct clothing for your body type!

The first thing is identifying your body type. Go stand in from of a full length mirror and take a look at the shape of your body. (I know you may not want to but this is important)

Which of these do you fall into?

Apple body shape – Most of the weight is in the hips, your stomach is where most of the fat goes.

Pear body Shape – You hips are wider than your shoulders or stomach

Inverted Triangle body shape– Your chest and shoulders are wider than your waist or hips.

Rectangle body shape – Your hips, waist and shoulders are similar in side

Hourglass body shape – Your shoulders and hips are similar in size with a smaller waist.


What to wear for an apple body shape:

If you have an apple body shape you will want to emphasis elongate your torso and show off your legs. Try these clothing types.


  • V-neck tops to bring attention to your upper body
  • Patterned shirts or tops with texture
  • Tops that highlight your thinnest point right below the bust
  • belts at the smaller part of your waist
  • bootleg or flared jeans
  • Empire dresses
  • shorter skirts (above the knees)


What to wear for a pear body shape:

If you have a pear body shape you will want to emphasis your upper body. Try these clothing types.


  • Layered tops to add volume to your upper body
  • Sweetheart necklines
  • Scoop neck shirts
  • plunging necklines
  • accessories the emphisize your upper half like larger necklaces or scarves
  • light colored tops and dark colored bottoms (avoid white for outdoor photos)
  • wide hem skirts, dresses and pants
  • A-line dresses
  • high boots

3img_448734Inverted Triangle

What to wear for the inverted triangle body shape:

If you have an inverted triangle body shape you will want to accentuate your lower body. Try these clothing types.

  • Open necklines like halter tops, v-neck scoop necks and collars
  • Open jackets to create a vertical line
  • Tops the accentuate the waist without banding it.
  • Bright or light colors on bottom
  • wide skirts
  • high waist pants or skirts
  • wide pants that add volume to the legs


What to wear for the rectangle body shape:

If you have a rectangle body shape you will want to create curves and show off your arms and legs. Try these clothing types.


  • Sweetheart necklines, and scoop necks
  • Use layers to add dimention
  • Dresses with ruching
  • pencil skirts with a slight slit
  • Belts to create a waist or and clothing that emphisizes the waist
  • Strong blocks of color to help define your body


What to wear for an hourglass body shape: 

If you have an hourglass body shape you will want to show off your curves and balance. Try these clothing types.


  • Fitted or wrap dresses that emphesize your smaller waist
  • high waist skirts
  • skinny and straight leg jeans
  • v-neck or sweetheart necklines
  • belts at the waistline
  • body hugging dresses


Hopefully this gives you some ideas on what to wear for your body type. Check out some examples of clothing for each body type over on my Pinterest account!


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