What is “Golden Hour” | Denver Family Photographer | Truth Photography LLC

Lighting is the number one most important element in a photo, so important that the word photography actually means “painting with light“. Beautiful lighting can make all the difference in the look of your portraits, and bad light can absolutely ruin a portrait. Which is why I typically schedule all of my outdoor sessions for a time that photographers know as “golden hour“.


So what is golden hour? Golden hour  happens twice each day, it is the first hour after sunrise in the morning and the last hour before sunset in the event. It is known as golden hour because of the soft golden light that the sun casts this time of day. During golden hour the sun’s light passes through more of the earths atmosphere before it reaches us. More atmosphere means more molecules to scatter the violet and blue light away from your eyes, creating a beautiful warm yellow or orange glow.

For portraits golden hour is the ideal time not only because of the soft warm glow but also because the sun is low on the horizon making it easier to place behind the person you are photographing to prevent harsh shadows. This light is much more flattering that bright midday light that will ruin a portrait.


Shooting during golden hour is part of the signature “magical” look I create in my portraits. When you book your session I calculate golden hour for the day of your shoot and book your session for that time. Want to check Golden hour yourself for the day you are hoping to be photographed? You can check out sunset times using a Sunrise and Sunset Calculator.      Thornton-children's-photographer


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Truth Photography is a Northglenn Colorado family photographer seeking imaginative, free spirited families who want more than just a boring family photo. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in creating an unique photo session that will be an adventure for your child or family and turning the finished portraits into beautiful wall art for your home. For more information on my sessions visit www.truth-photography.com I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure!!

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