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I often get asked where I find the inspiration for my themed children’ sessions, the answer is I find inspiration all over the place! Sometimes I find inspiration from a painting, from a prop I find, from the work of other photographers, from a child’s birthday party or bedroom theme, or from something they love! Today I wanted to tell you a little more about the process I go through while planning a themed session for my clients!

Choosing a theme

Denver-vintage-childrens-photographyThese sessions start out when a client contacts me and says they want to do a themed or styled session for their child. Often these are birthday photos or for another special occasion, sometimes they are as a special gift for a family member and the theme is something that family member loves, or sometimes they are just because they want to make their child feel like a princess or superhero!

When you contact me I am going to start by finding out the reason for the shoot and if you are looking for a themed shoot or more traditional photos. We will talk through ideas of what the shoot will look like and any special requests you have.


Designing the session

Next we typically discuss wardrobe. I will show you what options I have in my client Westminster-co-princess-photographerwardrobe, find out what items you already have that may work for the session, and in some cases I may order in items needed for the session. For example for this coke themed session we knew we wanted a red dress that had a little bit of a vintage look so before the shoot I searched for the perfect dress and actually ordered it for her for the session (it is available for your session if you are interested in a coke session of just a fun vintage look for your session!)

Next we will plan the perfect location to go with the look of your session. I some cases I may already know of a perfect spot for the look you want, in other cases I may have to search for something that matches our vision of the session. This year I will really be focusing on searching out new amazing locations for my sessions!

Thornton-Colorado-whimsical-childrens-photographerAfter we have discussed theme, location, clothing and the overall look of the session then it’s my turn to make sure I have all of the right clothing, props etc to make it all come together! I will be working hard behind the scenes to complete the look and make sure that we are creating an amazing adventure for your child!!


Just a few fun theme ideas to consider:k48

My most popular themes are princess sessions, superhero themes, vintages looks, back to school, chasing fireflies, cowboy/cowgirl, circus, bath time (babies) and fishing themed sessions and I have props and some clothing (depending on your child’s age) available for these themes.


Thornton-children's-photographerSome other fun ideas I would love to try: wildflower stand, old fashioned train theme, teddy bear tea party/picnic,  little red riding hood, aviator session, baseball or other sports session, ballerina, camping, session based on their favorite movie, snow princess, mermaid sessions, lemonade stand, glitter or confetti sessions, cupcake stand, little artist or little baker.

I would love to hear your ideas, tell me in the comments or contact me if you have an idea and want to plan a session!


Can I do a themed mini session? Due to the time that it takes to plan and edit these sessions I typically only offer them as my Adventure sessions which are full sessions. Occasionally I may offer a themed mini event however most of my themed sessions are customized full sessions tailored to each client!

If I choose a themed session can I get some traditional portraits as well? YES! In most cases we can do both traditional and themed portraits in the same session. If you want to do this please let me know so we can plan accordingly.


Can you do themed family sessions? YES!!!!!! I would love to plan a themed or styled family session for your family!!!

Can I get a few family portraits at my child’s themed adventure session? In most cases yes. Occasionally there are reasons why this would not work due to the location not being great for family or group portraits however 99% of the time we can do both in the same session.

Can I do a themed session for more than one child? Yes, if the session includes more than one child I will do individual portraits and group shot during the session. Typically there is not extra charge for this, the only case where there would be an extra charge is if I have to order clothing or other props for multiple children but I always offer options to keep the session budget within my regular session fee.


Can I do more than one theme in a session? Typically I try to stick to one theme per session so I can focus on making that theme really great! However, some themes work well together and can be done in the same session. These are typically themes that include minimal props for one or both themes and can be done in the same outfit. Examples of this are doing a fishing or camping theme as the main theme and them a few “catching firefly” shots. Or doing a princess tea party and then some princess shots without the tea party set or with my lace tent. Since the second theme only requires a few simple props not an elaborate set up or costume change these can do done in the same session easily.


I hope this answers all of your questions about scheduling a themed or styled shoot for your child. I would love to set up one of these for you, you can email me to book at


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Truth Photography is a full service Northglenn Colorado based portrait company. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in creating a unique photo session that will be an adventure for your child or family and turning the finished portraits into beautiful wall art for your home. For more information on my sessions visit I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure!!

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