5 pictures you should take your senior year | Northglenn CO Senior Photographer | Truth Photography LLC

Senior year is one of the best times of your life for many high schoolers, and it only happens once, well its only supposed to anyway!  And even if you are in the middle of your high school experience and it is clearly not the best time in your life, I get you it wasn’t for me, there are things about your time in high school that you will remember and miss later on down the road. So here are 5 pictures you should take your senior year and save so you can look back on your time in high school for years to come.

#1 A group shot with your friends

Some of your high school friends you will keep in touch with and they will become lifelong friends, and some on graduation day you will say goodbye to and never see again. I wish I had taken a big group photo with my friends during our senior year so I could look back at it with those that are still my friends and remember that time when we were all young, carefree and together. So this is my #1 for a must have picture your senior year.


#2 A picture of you at your favorite place

Maybe this is a place that you hang out at with your friends, or with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a place that you go by yourself to think. What do you want to remember?

#3 A picture of you at a dance

I know you are probably going to get those cheesy dance portraits in “prom pose” in from of that themed backdrop, but that’s not what I am talking about here. And I am sure your mom will take a million pictures of you on your way out the door. But I think the most important picture you can take is a picture you take yourself that shows the dance the way you see it. Maybe its at dinner before the dance or at a friends while you are getting ready. I remember there was a dance I went to my senior year that what I remember most was the conversation and fun my friend and I had in the car on the way to the dance and all of the fun we were having. That is the picture I wish that I had taken that night.


#4 A picture with your favorite teacher

It may not seem like it now but I promise you there will be one teacher that you will always remember, maybe more than one. I honestly had several teachers that I will never forget and wish I had a picture of me with.


#5 Graduation day through your eyes. 

There will be a million photos taken this day by your friends and family but what do you want to remember about this day? Do you want to remember the way it felt to watch your fellow students talk about your time in high school? Or maybe you are the one giving that speech, take a picture from the podium of your fellow student, take a picture as everyone throw s their caps, take a picture of your graduation party. Record the day through your eyes!


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