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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Miriam Dondrae Andolini of Miriam Beauty. I was so excited to meet her because not only is she a makeup artist who specializes in natural and organic makeup, something I love, but she is also very experienced in doing makeup specifically for photo shoots.
Miriam and I sat and chatted for over an hour about everything from photography to makeup to religion and tradition. I was excited to chat with her about makeup for my clients for photo shoots, doing specials around Christmas time together that will include professional makeup and a photo shoot, and planning a styled shoot that I am over the moon about!!!
Miriam will be offering on location makeup for my moms, seniors and more for only $75.00. Not only will she come to you to do your makeup but she will stay for your photo shoot to make sure your makeup looks fabulous from start to finish!!!! She can also do hair for an extra $50.00 so if you book her for makeup make sure to ask her about doing your hair as well!
Not convinced you need your makeup professionally done for your photo shoot? Before you decide read what Miriam had to say about it below:

5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist for your Professional Photos

Makeup for professional photography definitely isn’t as simplistic as it may appear which is why it is important to consider hiring a professional makeup artist. It should make you look radiant and feel confident for your pictures, however, it also needs to last from the moment you arrive on-location until you’re finished with your photo shoot. It needs to be flawless on camera, indoors and outdoors, under different lighting conditions, and with flash photography. If you’re having an outdoor shoot then the heat, humidity and sun all have to be factored in as well.

A skilled makeup artist will have many tips, tricks and techniques up her sleeve to make sure you stay looking flawless throughout your entire shoot. Here are the 5 top reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your upcoming photo shoot.

1.       Lighting

Your makeup artist will know the time of your shoot (morning, afternoon, evening) and if it is an indoor or outdoor location. This influences the style of makeup that will look best for the time of day and the recommended looks.

2.       Photography

It’s no secret that makeup looks different on camera than it does to the naked eye; this is what is referred to as camera ready makeup. A pro makeup artist knows this intimately and will ensure you look amazing in all your photos by adding the right amount of additional eyes, cheek, and lip color needed.

3.       Weather

While sunny weather sounds perfect for the day of your photo shoot, in reality it can cause havoc with sweat, makeup melting, and sunburn. A pro makeup artist will have products in her kit that are purposefully developed and tested to keep you fresh and vibrant throughout your shoot no matter what the weather!

4.       Tears

Sunshine, wind and other various conditions can bring on the tears! Professional makeup artists use quality waterproof products; not only mascara, but water and sweat proof foundations and water resistant eye liners. This is Colorado after all and it is always best to be prepared!

5.       Extended Wear

Makeup that lasts all day long depends on a combination of factors, such as making sure the products are right for your skin type, using special long-lasting formulas, and setting sprays to help with temperature control. However long-wearing makeup formulas can have adverse effects on dry skin types and dry climates such as Colorado so it is important to know your products.

Final Thoughts…

Looking and feeling like yourself is an important factor. I often read how disappointed a client, who wears little to no makeup, is after having their makeup done and didn’t feel they looked like them. Create a “Mood Board” on Pinterest with some looks and styles that you like and best represent you. This will help an artist achieve what it is that you are envisioning for your photos!

Like what you read? Check out Miriam’s work at Miriam Beauty

Miriam Dondrae Andolini’s work includes: Engagement and Wedding Makeup, Head Shot Photography Makeup, Beauty Photography Makeup, Commercial Photography Makeup, Fashion Photography Makeup, Editorial Makeup and Event Makeup. Her editorial work has been featured in Glamour Magazine as well as Brazil Glamour, Vogue, and Allure Magazines


Now that you have your makeup artist are you ready to book your session? Get all the info and an exclusive discount at: bit/ly/TruthPhotographyInsiders

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23 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist for your Professional Photos | Denver Family Photographer | Truth Photography LLC

  1. I know I don’t trust myself to do my own hair and makeup!! The word professional is enough to convince me! How great you have partnered with someone who knows exactly what you need to make your clients images just right.


    • Yes it makes such a difference doesn’t it! And it is so nice to have someone other than myself to check moms hair and makeup during the shoot. Most of the time I am way more focused on how the kids look and getting their attention!


  2. So many great reasons to have your makeup done professionally. Some of them I really didn’t think of, especially the weather, heat and tears these are always tough on your finished look. That your makeup artist is staying through the session and is so reasonable is amazing!


    • So true! That’s what I always say about buying an expensive dress for pictures too that if it’s in photographs it’s totally worth it because I’ll be looking at it for the rest of my life. There are some things you shouldn’t skimp on. And having her there for the pictures to make sure you look great makes it totally worth the cost!!!


  3. Great reasons as to why you should hire a professional! I’m horrible at makeup, so I’m all about letting a professional work their magic 🙂


  4. How exciting to partner with another professional! Your clients are so blessed to have that service available. Having your makeup done professionally is so worth the investment.Thank you for sharing all the tips!


  5. These are such great points! I never wear make-up day to day but when my husband and I do our photos I sure do, and I don’t trust myself to do it!


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