10 years as a children’s photographer | Denver Children’s photographer| Truth Photography LLC

10 years ago I took a step that would change my life forever. I nervously walked into a national children’s photography studio with what was probably the most random photography “portfolio” ever for an interview. I had a dream of being a nature and landscape photographer and thought any job in the photography industry would get me closer to my goal. I never knew how much I would fall in love with children’s photography.

I sometimes wonder where I would be today if I hadn’t done that thing that scared me and applied for that job. Would I have ever even become a photographer? I will never know the answers to those questions but I do know what did happen as a result to that interview. In August 2007 I started as a children’s portrait photographer and over the next two and a half years I rose in the company to assistant manager and then studio manager at another branch. I didn’t love working in a studio setting but I did discover that I loved photographing children.

Fast forward to January 2010. I was a new mom of a 3 week old baby boy, on maternity leave, when I get a call from the studio I had started out in Flatirons mall. One of the girls over there was kind enough to call me and tell me that if I wanted any of the images from any photo shoots I had done there to come get them now. They had gotten the call that morning that the studio had gone bankrupt and all stores were closed permanently and effective immediately.

I didn’t hesitate, in February 2010 I officially launched Truth Photography with the help of my husband Adrian. This business has definitely evolved and grown over the years into what it is today. And I will always be thankful I had the guts to apply for that studio job that helped lead me to my passion.

What I have learned over the past 10 years about myself, others, business and life:

1. Children grow way too quickly, if you don’t capture those moments somehow they will be gone forever.

2. Children are the best of us. They still believe in the magic that is life and this beautiful planet. A magic many of us have forgotten. I love to capture that magic and imagination.

3. Life is precious, sometimes people leave it way sooner than they should. I have had the pleasure of photographing a few angels who are no longer with us and I am thankful for the opportunity to help their families remember them.

4. If you want something in life you have to work hard for it. Nothing comes easy, least of all a successful photography business!!! I work hard every day for my dream.

5. I am capable of way more than I ever dreamed.

6. I am not Wonder Woman, or Supergirl. Sometimes this life, this business, and stress and pressure break me, but in the end I love every second of it.7. The children are right, there is still magic in this world. We just have to find it.

8. Everyone deserves a little spoiling! This is a new motto I have adopted in my business! My clients will now get spoiled with lots of one on one attention, with little gifts at their reveal night, and with chances to win free stuff! I can’t wait to see what this year will bring and to spoil you all!!!

Looking forward to another 10 great years of capturing magic, playfulness, love and life.


Truth Photography is a full service Westminster Colorado based portrait company. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in photographing fun families and children who want beautiful whimsical portraits. For more information on my sessions visit www.truth-photography.com

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