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As a Denver area children’s photographer for the past 10 years I have seen many changes in the photography industry and in what clients really want from their photographers. Those of you who are part of my insiders list or following my blog will have seen some big changes in my business lately. Many of these changes are in response to some big shifts in the industry and I would love to tell you all why I believe that these changes will serve you, my clients better.

When I first started my business I set out to provide my clients with something that was not easy to find at the time. There were many studios who offered print packages for their clients but very few photographers who offered digital files. With so many people wanting to share their photos on social media (I first joined Facebook around this time) what people really wanted was digital files. So I provided my clients with just that. However in recent years there has been a huge shift in the industry.

What has changed?

With more people becoming professional photographers every day and most choosing a business model that offers digital files only the market has been flooded with tons of choices for a photographer who will simply hand over the edited digital files after the session. However at the same time many big studios have gone out of business leaving very few options for those who are interested in high quality professional prints and someone to help them choose the correct sizes for their home and to give to their loved ones. While I promised my early clients that I would always offer digital files, a promise I intend to keep, I wanted to offer something for those searching for more than just images that would sit idle on their computers.


This change is however more than about just keeping up with a changing market. It is something I really believe is going to serve you my clients better. Here is why.

” I haven’t printed the pictures from my session *** months/years ago yet, we have just been so busy!!”

You may have read my blog from about a month ago and saw me talking about clients saying this over and over to me. Aren’t we all busy though? Who has the time to spend hours figuring out what sizes you need for yourself, what to send to grandma, where to hang them, how to make them look good as a set etc etc etc. While this is something that you may want to do it will always be something that gets put on the back burner to more important things in your life. I know because I have done this myself, so why not let someone help you with it? We will sit down and use a unique software called swift galleries to take a look at how the different products I offer will look hanging on your walls! I will help you make a list of people you need to send gift prints too and talk you through which images and sizes will make the best gifts. I helped thousands of families do just that back in my studio days but with my own business I have so much more freedom over the products that I can offer to make sure I have just what you need!


“I love that image, its my favorite!” 

For the past 7 years I simply edited and delivered the files and hoped that I was getting the shots that my clients really loved. It was rare to get feedback on which were your favorite and least favorite images from the session. I will now be sitting down with each and every client during your reveal appointment to go over their images. I can get to know what each of you love, like and don’t much care for and use that knowledge in future sessions. This will allow me to tailor your next session to you even more with knowledge about what images you loved from your last session, the look of your home and other information from your reveal appointment.  With each session I hope to get to know you even better so that I can create images that you will truly cherish.

I hope that you all are as excited about this newest part of my business as I am. I can’t wait to see you all this fall and create beautiful images for you!!!

Denver Photographer

Truth Photography is a full service Westminster Colorado based portrait company. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in photographing fun families and children who want beautiful whimsical portraits. For more information on my sessions visit


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