When life gives you lemons |Westminster CO Maternity Photographer | Truth Photography LLC

I was so excited for this session! Jennifer contacted me two months ago to set up both a maternity and newborn session. She contacted me at the perfect time, just as I was getting ready to order a maternity gown for my clients to use at their sessions. I was going back and forth between two gowns and I thought “who knows what my clients will love better than one of my clients?” So I sent the information on both gowns to Jennifer and asked her to choose and she selected this beautiful gown in the royal blue. I am so glad she did, IT IS PERFECT!! Jennifer looked absolutely stunning in it don’t you think?


As the session date drew closer we discussed the location and time of day best for the session,  the gown arrived, everything was perfect. Then about two weeks before the session she emailed me with some news. Her husband Patrick had recently broken his femur and had had surgery to repair it. They still wanted to go ahead with the session but he was going to be on crutches!! Also he couldn’t stand too long, sit on the ground or put too much weight on the leg.

I am always up for a challenge but I have to admit I was a little worried about this one. I immediately started thinking about how I could pose them for their couples shots. I knew about half the poses I normally use for maternity sessions were not going to work! Although a lot of the best maternity poses are standing (it just shows the baby bump the best) I did not want to do their whole session standing. I like to give a little more variety than that! 😉 So I pulled out a prop that I haven’t used in almost 3 years.  I LOVE this old chest but its not always easy to lug around to sessions. I think it was worth it though, I will have to pull kt put more often!!


And I tried a new technique called “unposed” that all photo photographers are raving about. Right before I took this photo asked him to whisper the names of vegetables to her in his most sexy voice lol.


And I pinned a couple of poses for reference in case I ran out of poses off the top of my head.


In the end it was a beautiful night with a great couple. We had the most gorgeous sunset and Jennifer and Patrick were up for just about anything I suggested broken femur and all. I think in the end even with the challenges I was able to capture their love for one another and their baby girl, Jennifer looked AMAZING in the dress, and the icing on the cake was this gorgeous firely golden sunset which was so fitting for their session since they plan to name their baby girl Ember!!!!


Sometimes life gives you lemons…or a broken femur. In the end we were about to make lemonade and create some gorgeous images together for them to remember this pregnancy and celebrate their baby girl. Hopefully Patrick’s leg will be fully healed in the next few months in time for the arrival of their baby. I hope you two love the images! I can’t wait to show you the full gallery!


Denver PhotographerTruth Photography is a full service Westminster Colorado based portrait company. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in photographing fun families and children who want beautiful whimsical portraits. For more information on my sessions visit       www.truth-photography.com


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