I did that thing I always tell my clients not to do…| Denver baby photographer |Truth Photography LLC

Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-15So I did the thing I always tell my clients not to do … I dressed my son in a shirt with writing and bold design on the front for his photo shoot. One of those shirts that you are trying to constantly straighten so you can see the design. I did that thing that I ask you all not to do, knowing it would drive me crazy, and it did. Did the shirt magically stay straight for me, no it definitely did not! But you know what? It’s ok. While normally I say don’t dress your kids in clothes like this, especially your babies, sometimes rules are made to be broken. After all how can my sweet baby Clark not have at least one photo shoot wearing a Superman shirt!!!! So I guess the moral of this story is if your kid is named after a superhero I will make an exception. 😉 Make sure to show my sweet baby some love by leaving a comment below!! Westminster-CO-baby-portraits01Westminster-CO-baby-portraits02Westminster-CO-baby-portraits03Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-04Sweet baby fingers ☺Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-05Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-06I love his hair in this one!!!Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-07Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-08Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-09Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-10Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-11I love baby toes!!!!!Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-12Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-13Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-14That smile melts my heart every time!!!Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-16Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-17Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-18Westminster-CO-baby-portraits-19


Denver PhotographerTruth Photography is a full service Westminster Colorado based portrait company. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in photographing fun families and children who want beautiful whimsical portraits. For more information on my sessions visit       www.truth-photography.com

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