Are Your Portraits Hanging on Your Wall?|Denver Family Photographer| Truth Photography LLC

I have to admit to being a creature of habit. I have lived in the same area my whole life, I shop at the same grocery store that my mother shopped at when we were kids, I am resistant to change of any kind. Which is why for years I have resisted making a change to my business that I know will work better for both me and my clients. Today I am finally making that change and I wanted to take some time to write this blog post and tell you all why.

Not long ago I was taking some portraits for a repeat client and they mentioned that they hadn’t gotten the chance yet to print pictures from their previous session (six months prior) and hang them up. “we printed a few to send to grandparents and never got that chance to print our own” she told me. It made me wonder how many of my clients memories were stuck in digital files on their computer or worse yet on those old flimsy CD’s I used to give my clients 😖. I always want to envision them hanging beautifully on your walls but often our lives get busy and who has time for figuring out sizes and where to get them printed and where in our homes to hang them.


Then I photographed a friends daughter and she asked me to help her choose print sizes and where to hang them in her home. Helping her made me realize that many of my clients want help with this. They want someone who can help them say this size is going to look great hanging in that spot, or what about hanging a set of portraits there, look how great these would look together! Denver-Family-Photographer-02

Denver-Family-Photographer-06I have been exploring ways throughout the past year to better serve my clients and really give them an awesome experience having their portraits taken. So starting July first all of my sessions will come with a reveal appointment where I will come to your home, reveal your finished portraits to you and help you choose the right images and sizes to hang it your home. I will then order beautiful high quality prints and products for you from one of the top professional photo printing labs in the country.  Denver-Family-Photographer-05

Does this mean I won’t offer digital images anymore? No it does not! I promised you all that getting full size digital images with printing and sharing rights would always be an option and it will continue to be! My top two print packages will also include the full set of digital images or for those who just want the digitals a digital only package is available as well! Denver-Family-Photographer-03Denver-Family-Photographer-01

Ready to get started setting up your next photo session? Find more information on my website


A quick shout of to the beautiful Moran family who is featured in all of the images in this post! I really enjoyed working with them and getting to know them during this session! I would love to photograph your family again in the future! I hope you love all of your images!!!!


Denver PhotographerTruth Photography is a full service Westminster Colorado based portrait company. Photographer Jennifer Tavera specializes in photographing fun families and children who want beautiful whimsical portraits. For more information on my sessions visit

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