How do I get my kids to behave for their photo session? Part 2 |Truth Photography LLC | Denver/Boulder photographer


Setting expectations: 

I wrote about setting expectations for your child a little bit in my blog a few months ago when I spoke about bribes. If you didn’t catch that blog you can read it here.

Now its time to talk about setting your expectations. We often go into photo shoots for our kids with unrealistic expectations that our fun, crazy, silly, sometimes out of control little ones are going to suddenly sit still and stare at a camera. 9 times out of 10 we are frustrated and overwhelmed within 5 minutes of starting the session.

So does this mean we should expect to get great pictures of our kids or family? Absolutely not! My first tip is don’t get frustrated if your kids are acting like…well kids. They are going to wiggle a bit, try and get  up, make funny faces at me, give me fake smiles and get bored in 30 seconds. That’s what kids do! I promise, even though you may feel like it sometimes your kids are not a special kind of crazy that no one else’s kids are. They are just kids! It is my job as your photographer to keep their attention, make them feel comfortable, and capture that brief second where they are actually doing exactly what we want them to.

Because I know that most children will likely get bored and distracted quickly I typically start my session with the posed images and then move to more candid fun poses as they get more wiggly. In many cases I will return to a few more posed images later in the session if we did not get all that we wanted at the beginning. Mixing the sessions up like this helps me keep your kids attention and get beautiful images that I hope you will cherishk61

This session with 2 year old Patrick is a great example of how I typically mix up the types of images I take throughout a session to keep the attention of young children. Two year olds can be one of the hardest ages to work with but as you can see that doesn’t mean that you are not going to have beautiful portraits that capture your child’s personality. k55k60k58k59k62k63k56k64k65

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