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Almost a month ago now our family was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Baby Clark joined our family on a beautiful warm day in March and were blessed to have a healthy beautiful child after months of being told he may not be healthy.

Clark is the fourth blessing to join our family and although part of me wants to have a million more, we have decided that he will be the last baby for us.

When you are raising your last baby time seems to go even more quickly than usual. It seems like yesterday I was holding him for the first time, I blinked and nearly a month has slipped by. This was the last time I would hold one of my babies for the first time, the last time I would take them home from the hospital, the last time I would introduce a new baby to my family. I desperately cling to each last “first”, to each fleeting second of his time as a newborn.

This was the last newborn photo shoot for one of my children. As I carefully posed my sweet child and took these images I thought about all the things that this would be my last time doing. I am so thankful for each of my sweet little blessings. For each moment of baby cuddles I was blessed with, for each sweet little newborn cry. I am so thankful for the amazing blessing of being trusted to care for these sweet little humans. n34

Mama’s, I don’t know if you are raising your first, or your last, or your only child, but I do know that as parents we need to cherish every second because they disappear way too quickly. If you are blessed to be a parent please share this post and help me remind my fellow parents of the amazing blessing they have been given.

I am so thankful to be able to not only photograph my own children and preserve the memories of this time when they are small but to also do this for other families so they can hold on to these beautiful moments. Thank you to all of my amazing clients who have trusted me with their memories!


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