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Wondering what to do with that big open space on your wall?

One of the things I loved about my home when I moved in was the beautiful stone fireplace in the living room. I missed having a fireplace in the little apartment my husband and I lived in before this. Although I have to admit, I don’t use it as often as I could, I still love having it both for the opportunity to have a warm fire on a cold day, and for the way it looks. When we moved in our fireplace didn’t have a mantel and it sat plain for awhile with no decorations. I really wanted to decorate it so i convinced my husband built a beautiful mantel, I decorated it with a few things I love and plopped an 8×10 frame with a photo of my daughter in the middle.

It still looked off. Why? Because I had this big beautiful open space above the shelf that was empty and meanwhile there sat this little framed 8×10 that you could even really see from my couch.

Size does matter…

Portraits are meant to be enjoyed, and sometimes choosing the correct size for your space can be as important and choosing the perfect image. 9 times out of 10 the thing I notice when I am in my clients or friends homes is that their portraits are all in tiny little frames and they have huge empty walls that they don’t know what to do with. While 8×10 and smaller sizes can be perfect for nightstands, bookshelf and smaller wall spaces they often get lost in large rooms. If you have an image of your family or kids that you really love shouldn’t it be a focal point in your home?

This is why I created my home decor appointments. To help you enjoy the your portraits in the way that they were meant to be enjoyed, as beautiful statement pieces in your home.

When my youngest daughter was 11 months old I took an image of her that I adore. I came across the perfect patch of yellow flowers for a photo shoot and took her out there and managed to capture a few images that I love. I ordered one of my favorite images on a 16×24 inch gallery wrap canvas through my professional printing lab and it now hangs above my fireplace. Below is a before and after so you can see what a huge difference the right size image makes in your home.


Are you looking around at your walls and thinking your decor could use an update?

I would love to come and help you choose the perfect images in the perfect sizes for your walls. I can help you choose images from previous sessions or we can customize a session specifically to decorate your space. Send me a few images of your home and the area you need help with. I will help you choose the perfect clothing and location to match the colors and style of your home and create the perfect piece of art featuring your family or child! Then I can come help you measure the space and choose the perfect size canvas or framed portrait for those areas of your home you would like to decorate. At the same time I can help you order prints to send to friends and family so you have everything all done! I have so many new products that will be available starting this month to make your home decor unique!

Interested in more information?

Click HERE to send me your contact information and make sure to click YES on the last question so I know you are looking to update your decor with beautiful portraits!

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