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Did you enjoy the puff paint post last month? If so here are a few more fun ideas of ideas for activities with your kids this summer. Check out these 10 fun activities you can do at home with a few simple tools.

1. Chalk obstacle course: All you need to chalk, or maybe mix it up by adding a few simple toys. I thought this one was going to be a little too simple for my 6 year old son but him and his best friend loved it! They even spent an hour adding extra things too it until it went all the way down the block!!


2. Water gun painting: fill water guns with a mixture of washable paint and water and let them take them outside to spray their paper and make unique paintings. You can also use food coloring but be careful, it stains.

3. Dinosaur dig: Pick up a cheap pack of toy dinosaurs from the dollar store and freezer them in ice. This works best if you freezer a little water in a container, add son dinosaurs and more water, freeze again add another layer etc so they are layered in the ice block. Younger kids get a kick out of chipping and smashing the ice to get out the prize.

4. Sponge toss: All you need is chalk and sponges. Draw targets on the sidewalk with the chalk and let the kids try to toss the wet sponges into the targets.

5. Food necklaces, use string and Cheerios,  fruit loops, pretzels and other easy to attach foods. Fun to make, fun to eat!!


Hope you enjoy these fun ideas. My kids loved all of them so I thought I would pass them along. Have fun!!

Did you miss the puff paint post? Check it out here:

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