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I will never forget the day back in 1997 when I met Bridget. It was the summer between my 7th and 8th grade year. I was just about the dorkiest middle schooler on the face of the planet. I had been homeschooled since 3rd grade and had no compass on what was “cool” but Bridget was willing to be my friend anyway, and all through high school we were best friends. Although our friendship has hit some bumps along the way we have always remained friends. She is my oldest daughter’s godmother and her and her family are like family to me.b15

It is always a pleasure to photograph her family for her, but lately it has been even more of a privilege. You may remember back in January I shared the story of sweet baby Jeremiah’s birth. He was born in December at only 28 weeks, and at the tiny size of 2lbs 8oz. This baby is truely a miracle. Baby Jeremiah is now 6 months and thriving. He was release from the nicu at 2 1/2 months old and it is amazing to see how far this little boy has come in just a few short months. Last month we got together for some family and baby portraits, the first with the whole family and the first for Jeremiah out of the Nicu.f11

It is moments like these that make me proud to create beautiful family pictures for my friends and clients. being a family and children’s photographer is truly a blessing to me and I am so proud that I get to capture moments like these for families. I know Bridget will look back on these baby pictures in a few years and not be able to believe he was ever that small.

I had to share this miracle baby with all of you. I hope you enjoy his portraits!b16f10b17b11b14b10b12b13b9b8b4b7

Check out Jeremiah’s first bath and birth story here:

More images of his family:


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