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Summer is here! My son’s last day of Kindergarten was almost 3 weeks ago and even those who’s schools went later should be in their summer break now. I am sure my summer will be filled with lots of awesome summer portrait sessions, June is filling up quickly, but I am hoping it will also be full of lots of summer fun with my kids.

Since this was the first year for me having a kid in school full time I want to make summer special for him. For spring break I felt like I had to take him somewhere fun every day, the result, I was exhausted, got no work done, and wound up sick the next week. So this summer I am playing it a little smarter.

For summer break we are focusing on balance. So far our summer has gone great with a mix of chores, summer reading programs at the library, trips to fun places and fun activities at home.

I love the activities at home! Going anywhere with three kids can be exhausting, so fun activities we can do without leaving the house are a must for us! I wanted to share a few of the fun activities we found with all of you. I can’t take credit for most of these, they are not original ideas, but this is one of the ones that my kids really loved.

The first day of summer I took my kids to the dollar store to stock up on craft supplies and summer toys. While we were there we picked up shaving cream for this simple but fun project.

Foam paint:

For this project you will need:
Shaving cream
Food coloring
Cupcake tins
Paint brushes
and paper

This activity is so easy and is great for any kid old enough not to eat the shaving cream 😉 All you need to do is fill each of the cups of the cupcake tin with shaving cream, add food coloring drops to make all of the colors of the rainbow, and let the kids mix them up. So simple but my kids loved it! Then I let them sit on our front porch and paint! blog1


I hope you all love this idea! Keep watching my blog for more fun ideas and of course some beautiful photo sessions coming soon! Also don’t forget you can follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss these posts by clicking follow up on the right hand side. >>

Have a baby who loves to get messy? Don’t forget to book a cake smash session for their first birthday. More information on my cake smash sessions here!

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