Truth Photography LLC |Masquerade part two | Denver Teen Photographer

Meet the beautiful Brianna! I had the pleasure of meeting Brianna last weekend out at Cheesman park in Denver. This young woman is not only beautiful but extremely intelligent too. She is a student at the same language immersion school that my son attends. I enjoyed talking to Brianna during her session about school, books she was reading, and more.

I found a few minutes after her session to talk to her mom who told me that she hoped the portraits would help Brianna see herself the way she did. This gorgeous 12 year old gets teased at school because of her red hair and freckles. I could believe that anyone would tease her for traits that most people find beautiful.

This is exactly why I want to do more of these sessions with young teens. Girls this age can be so mean! I hope by photographing these girls I can help them see how beautiful they are. Hopefully these images will give Brianna some confidence and help her see that what others say about you does not matter. I hope that everyone will show Brianna some love. Please make sure to comment below and let Brianna know what you think.


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Truth Photography LLC |Masquerade mini session | Denver teen photographer

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Tomorrow I will be shooting an old fashioned mini session in front of Union Station in Denver. Make sure to follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss the images when I post them. >>

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