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My family LOVES super heroes! My husband has loved super heroes since he was a kid I was never really a girly girl as a kid, but I didn’t discover how awesome super heroes are until I was in my teens. Now I am obsessed! This is something that has definitely been passed on to our kids.

Our favorite this to do weekday nights is to sit down as a family and watch shows like The Flash and Supergirl. I am pretty sure I have seen every episode of just about every superhero show made in the last 10 years. Smallville, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Marvel Agents of Shield, Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil the only one I have yet to get to is Jessica Jones.

My daughters love super heroes just as much as they love princesses and they really love princesses! My sons favorite activity is playing a superhero themed game, Lego Batman two.

In December he turned six years old. I can’t believe my baby boy is that big! For his birthday he wanted a Lego Batman Two party and to go to the party dressed as his favorite Lego Batman character, Robin.

With the craziness of the holidays and the unexpected number of photo shoots I have had already this month I had not yet gotten around to taking his birthday portraits. So Saturday he got dressed up again in his costume and allowed me to take a few quick portraits of him. Here are a few of my favorites!

k94k93k92If all goes well today I will be venturing out into this fresh snow to photograph my little snow princess for her third birthday which is this weekend. Keep an eye out on the blog for some shots from that session!

If you love these make sure to check out these princess as well:

and another of my favorite shoots with my son:

I hope to have many more superheroes up on my blog soon so make sure to follow it! >>

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