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Back in August I took some pregnancy announcement portraits for a good friend of mine who had just found out she was expecting her second child. She was so excited! I was so excited for her!

The new baby, a boy as she found out in October, was due March 2016. But in December things started to go wrong with the pregnancy. She was admitted to the hospital on December 17th and diagnosed with pre-clampsia. She was held for a few days for observation, then released on the 19th. On the morning of the 22nd I received a text from her saying that she had been readmitted, and would be there until the baby was born, which there was a chance that that might be in the next 24-48 hours. She was 28 weeks.

I’ll admit, part of me was holding me breath a little bit all day that day. As though doing so would keep her little boy in there for her. Later that same day baby Jeremiah was born via emergency c-section. Jeremiah’s daddy posted on Facebook that little 2lb 8 oz Jeremiah had entered the world “healthy, crying and breathing well…” All I could think was crying! Thank God!

Later that evening, mama posted the first images of Jeremiah to Facebook. I was leaving Walmart when I noticed them and I’ll admit that I had to sit in my car and have a good cry before I could see well enough to drive myself home. I was overwhelmed by the miracle this little baby was. Thankful that he was alive and breathing but also sad for his mother who should have still had him safe inside of her for another three months.

Jeremiah is doing amazingly well. He still has a long road before he can be released to go home but for such a tiny little guy he is a fighter.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being there to experience and photograph his first bath. I am thankful that his parents allowed me to be there to capture this for them. I hope that they will cherish these images as their son grows.

Here is a sneak peek from that session.

ff2ff1 Please feel free to leave your comments below in support of this family. I know that they can use all the love and support that they can get during this time of waiting to be able to bring their precious son home.

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