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I am so glad Aria’s mommy made time for her 9 month session, even if it was a little late, between moving this week. Her empty new home was perfect for setting up an in home session yesterday. Sometimes as parents we get so busy we forget that our children grow and change so quickly. If we don’t capture that age quickly it will already be gone! Luckily I have had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful girl at 3, 6 and now 9 months old so her mom will never forget how precious and little she was.

Aria did so great for her session this time. She laughed and played with me, got mischievous and tried to take off with a huge smile on her face, and laughed at me when I had mommy take her back and I teased her about holding still…which of course she did not.

Although I caught a ton of smiles and playful moments in this session this shot stood out to me. It was one of the few moments during the session that she sat still for a moment, distracted by the Christmas ornament I placed on her lap.  The second it came up on my computer all I could think was how much she looked like a little princess.

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