Truth Photography LLC | Aria’s 6 month portraits | Denver Baby Photographer

Sometime babies cry during photo session. Wait! Let me rephrase that. OFTEN babies cry during photo sessions. They are babies. They get tired, hungry, want to be held, don’t like the feel of grass, get mad because they can’t have their pacifier, or would just rather be home. But just because your baby is a little grumpy does not mean that we will not get some great photos. b88

Little Aria was no exception to this. We set her down for the first picture, and she let me take a few shots no problem. Then being the new sitter that she is, she fell over and daddy wasn’t quite quick enough to catch her. She was in soft grass and was mostly just startled so I though she would calm down after a moment. But she didn’t. Actually it took us almost another 30 minutes to get her happy and smiling again. Some parents would have given up and decided we weren’t going to get good pictures. But Aria’s parents stuck it out with me and I am so glad they did. Patience and perseverance pays every time!  b89 b90 b91 b92 b93 b95b94

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