Truth Photography LLC | Baby Evie | Westminster Newborn Photographer

I met sweet baby Evie and her family at their home in Westminster last night. Her mom contacted me last week asking if it was too late to have newborn portraits taken of her one week old baby and of course I said that it was definitely not too late!

This sweet little girl is almost two weeks old and although I recommend getting your babies portraits taken in the first 14 days I would never turn down the chance to capture the first portraits of a child even if they were outside of that perfect age.

Newborn portraits, to me, are the most important pictures you will ever have taken. Of all of the portraits on my wall the newborn portraits of my babies are the most cherished and will never be taken down or replaced. Many of the other portraits I replace with updated images as they grow but the newborn portraits stay.

I love to remember how sweet and small they were, and that time goes so quickly. Only a year ago my own sweet baby was this small. It goes so quickly. Even by one month old they have grown and changed so much. I am so glad that I got to capture these for them while she was still in that tiny newborn stage!


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