Truth Photography LLC: Ailyn 3 months |Brighton newborn photographer

Just because you missed that tiny newborn stage, does not mean you cannot have beautiful portraits of your baby. If you search “newborn portraits” online you will see over and over photographers recommend contacting your photographer right away when your baby is born so that you can have your session in the first 10 or 14 days. Although it is true this is undoubtedly the best time for baby portraits, especially if you are looking for those adorable curled up sleeping portraits, you can have beautiful portraits of your baby at any age.

Beautiful baby Ailyn is 3 months old and although she is definitely past that tiny newborn stage she was a pleasure to photograph. I had the pleasure of photographing her family a few years ago and was excited when her mother contacted me for this session. I adore working with babies at any age and Ailyn was such a sweet happy little girl, although she gave me a few irresistible pouty faces as well. The only thing better than adorable babies is adorable babies in super cute outfits ūüėČ Here are a few of my favorites from her session.¬†b53 B55 B56 B57 B58 B59

I am available for sessions in the Denver and Boulder Colorado Metro areas. To book your session Contact us

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