Truth Photography LLC: Sweet sleepy baby | Denver Baby Photographer

Last week I shared a portrait from baby Tigh’s 3 month session as well as a few from his newborn sessions in September. I just finished up editing his sessions and I wasn’t planning on doing another blog with his portraits (I have so many previous sessions that I have been intending to blog) but there were a couple that were too cute not to share with all of you.

Tigh’s session took place at his home and when I arrived it took a little bit of time to set up (normally set up time for me is about 15 minutes). While I was setting up he fell asleep. Normally no problem, we will just start with a few sleeping shots. Well Tigh was not going to have any of that! He of course woke up the second I starting trying to pose him, but he looked so sleepy!!! I’ll admit this is one of those sessions where I was worried that we were not going to get a ton of cute shots. I was afraid he would just look tired in all of them, and yes he did look sleepy in some of them but I also was able to get a lot of very cute shots and he even gave me a few smiles.

Sometimes as parents (and even as the photographer) we stress about the session way more than we need to. I can’t tell you how many times I have had parents show up all stressed out and worried that they are not going to get good pictures. (Don’t worry I do it to on the day it is time for my family session) This can rub off on the kids and make them stressed or in younger kids and babies make them grumpy. Luckily the mama at this shoot was calm and confident in me and it turned out to be a great shoot!


Don’t forget to check out Tigh’s other portraits along with some other information on my first year packages!

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