Truth Photography LLC: Winter Family Portrait Sessions|Denver CO Family Photographer

As much as I hate to admit it, it looks like cold weather is here and intends to stay awhile. I see families every year struggle to figure out how to dress for their winter sessions so here are a few things to keep in mind when booking and choosing clothing for your family session.f35

The first thing to keep in mind is this is Colorado, for those of you who have lived here awhile, or like me your whole life you know that the weather can do well…just about anything. Just because it is 70 degrees the day before your session doesn’t mean that it’s not going to snow the day of your session. So first here are your options in the event that the weather is not quite what you expected on the day of your session:

#1 consider shooting as planned anyway. Snow or even rain can be beautiful and fun in portraits, as long as everyone is dressed properly. (See the section below on dressing for your session). Bring a sled or an umbrella and dry socks and shoes and some hot cocoa in your thermos for after your session.


#2 move the session to your home. I would love to shoot some lifestyle portraits in the natural setting of your home. Lets do something fun and creative, maybe photograph your family putting up the Christmas tree or decorating holiday cookies. Then maybe sneak a few out on the front porch or in front if an evergreen in your yard. Or you can choose a black backdrop for your indoor portraits and do something more traditional. Either way I will bring lighting so don’t worry about it if your place isn’t well lit.


#3 On rare occasions I am able to move sessions to another time/date. This may require switching the location of your session to fit you in next to another appointment or may not be an option at all so make sure when asking about this option you have a back up plan of one of the options above.

#4 Plan ahead and choose an indoor location. There is a rent by the hour studio available in Aurora. Sessions at the studio are an additional $35 and are subject to studio availability. Contact me for more information. Some indoor locations like the butterfly pavilion or botanical gardens will also allow a limited number of photo shoots for a fee. Fees are usually $50 to $100 and would be the clients responsibility to cover in addition to the session fees. Contact the venue to find out exact fees and availability. You may also be able to call around and find a hotel that will allow us to use their lobby for the shoot. It can’t hurt to give it a try but make sure to get permission first. (Please be aware Malls and other private properties are not an option unless you have contacted the owner to get prior permission and made sure that there will no unexpected fees involved.)


Now if you choose to go for the traditional outdoor portraits make sure to plan you clothing based on the worst possible weather conditions. There are all sorts of fun options for clothing for outdoor winter sessions. This family from last year chose matching coats to make sure that everyone would be warm and happy. Matching coats, hats and scarves are a great option if you want to make sure to stay warm! If you decide to go without coats make sure to layer up. Several layers under classy seasonal sweaters is another great way to stay warm.zz

I hope this has given everyone a few ideas for your winter portraits. I can’t wait to capture them for you and your family!

I am available for sessions in the Denver and Boulder Colorado Metro areas. To book your session Contact us

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