Truth Photography LLC: Why do you want your baby to sleep during their newborn session? | Denver CO Newborn Photographer

Often I am so busy trying to find the right date time and location for new moms for their newborn session that I forget to give them all the tips they need for a great newborn session. I can’t tell you how many times I have show up for a newborn session to a baby that is wide awake or worse, just woke up. Often I have from moms ” I am glad he woke up I was afraid he/she would sleep though the whole session” or “we really wanted him/her to be awake in some of the shots so we can get some of their eyes.” I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t want some awake shots of your baby or that a session where the baby is not sleeping cannot be successful, but there are a few reasons why we strongly advise that you try to keep baby awake several hours before the session and then feed them and try to get them to sleep right before.

Reason #1


Need I say more?

Many of the newborn poses require the babies hands to be tucked up under their face, or arms and legs pulled in close to their body. During your newborn session we will be moving and posing your baby and hoping they stay where we put them long enough to get some beautiful images. When they are awake they rarely do, which results in us reposing them over and over and often this makes them mad.

Ideally if you would like some awake images we try to keep baby comfortable and asleep the first hour and a half of the session, then towards the end when we have captured beautiful sleeping images of your child we will attempt a few with the baby awake.

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Remember, babies grow fast and before you know it they will be too big for adorable sleeping portraits. Capture this precious sleepy time in their lives while you can, every photo shoot after this one, they will probably be awake!

Tips on getting your newborn to sleep 

More tips for your newborn session

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