Tips for helping your newborn sleep

Sleep is a sweet thing when it comes to a newborn. Those first few weeks it can be hard to adjust to the new sleep schedule, or just the lack of sleep. As my husband and I prepare for our third child, expected this coming June, I find myself dreading going back to sleepless nights. I thought now might be a great time to share some tips on getting your newborn to sleep and helping to keep them asleep. Some of these tips are specifically for keeping your little one asleep during their newborn photo session, but you will find that some of these tips are helpful for everyday.

#1 One great way to tire baby out is to give them a nice warm bath. Keep the mood during bath time calm and soothing. This one tuckers my little ones out every time!

#2 Avoid making it too quiet. Babies are used to a lot of noise, before they are born they hear your heart beat, your voice, and many other sounds around them. Even in the hospital we kept the tv or music on almost the whole time. Avoid loud sudden noises that will startle your baby but having music or other low constant noise can help your baby sleep longer at night or through their newborn session.

#3 Feed your baby right before your session, but don’t worry if you need to feed them again part way through. All of the moving and posing that takes place during a photo session often makes baby a little cranky and a little extra hungry.

#4  Before you feed baby strip him or her down to just a loose diaper and a blanket. That way you will not wake baby up by undressing them before the session starts.

#5 Have a space heater ready. Typically newborn sessions are done either in just a diaper or naked so even on a warm day baby may get a little cold.

#6 Mom avoid being too close to your baby during the session. This may seem like a strange way to keep baby asleep, but keep in mind that your little one can smell milk when you are close by.

#7 My last tip applies to all sessions with kids. Mom KEEP CALM! Lay everything out the day before, don’t worry if baby is a little fussy, it happens, try to keep everything as stress free as possible. Babies and kids of all ages will be irritated and uncooperative if mom is stress or irritated. So do whatever you need to to keep the session stress free. Maybe ask a relative to come help with older kids (or ask them not to come help if they will be more in the way than a help). Whatever it takes, just stay clam.

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