My baby boy!

For those of you who have met my husband and I, and had us photograph you or your family, you have probably heard us talk about our two year old son, Julian. I have shared with all of you many pictures of many other children but I rarely show off my adorable little boy.

I wanted to show off a few shots from his portraits last month in particular because other parents with children his age are always telling me how terrible their children are when it comes to taking pictures and how they can never get them to stay still for them! I am always hearing “I bet your son is the best picture taker ever” or “I bet he is a pro at this!” Haha no my son is probably worse than 90% of our customers children. I am luck if he will stay still for two seconds!

I chose to take my son to the zoo to get some close up portraits of him because I knew that with all of the fun animals around he at least wouldn’t get bored. So here is the proof that your kids aren’t the only ones we have to chase down to get a picture of them. Here he is, my silly boy acting crazy as usual!Image I am not sure what this expression is all about but it still made my heart melt. Lets face it I am partial he could do anything and I would think it was adorable!ImageImage

ImageSo there it is proof that my son does not sit perfectly for his portraits either!

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