Portrait Contest

I have fallen way behind with my blog lately! I have been so busy with Easter, the small business group that I run here in Denver, preparing for two weddings that we are photographing later this month, and conducting our first ever portrait contest on our Facebook page! (If you haven’t liked us there check it our http://www.facebook.com/truthphotographyllc) Since I haven’t had the time to put up anything else I thought I would share with everyone our contest.

We were so excited to have 17 of our previous customers sign up to participate in our portrait contest. They were given the chance to win a free session with us and all they had to do to win was share our page with their friends and ask them to like their portrait. They had 10 days to get the most likes, most people had 20 votes or less, and I never dreamed that even the winner would have over 50 when I started the contest! It became clear right away that two people were really serious about winning this contest! The very first day they already had all their friends and family voting for them. I was excited to check every day not only how many votes each of them had but also how many “likes” our page had gotten because of the competition.

Sisters Kaylynne and Stephanie decided to decided to team up instead of competing against each other. I posted a picture of their 6 month old babies taken last month for their friends and family to vote for. We photographed Stephanie and her husband Chris’s wedding in 2010 and have been photographing their family ever since, including her sister Kaylynne who is getting married to her fiance Nathan in August. We are so excited to be photographing a second wedding for their family! Stephanie told me that if she won she was hoping to use the session for family portraits when her Step son Caleb comes home. They have not seen Caleb since last December and have really missed him.

I met Crystal last fall when her and her husband were expecting their first child, a beautiful little baby girl named Jazelene. We had the honor of taking maternity pictures for them and some portraits of Jazelene shortly after she was born. We were scheduled to take some 3 month portraits back in December however she has been very sick and we have had to cancel  her portraits. We tried several times to find a good time to reschedule but it never seemed to work out. We were very excited to see that they were going to participate in the contest!

Throughout the contest I watched Crystal and Kaylynne/Stephanie switch places for who was in the lead. One would pull ahead, and then the other. All the way up until the very last day.

I knew that both of them had great reasons why they needed some new family portraits, both families have had a hard time ever since last December. I couldn’t decide who I wanted to win more. It was a good thing that it was a contest where I did not pick the winner, it was up to their friends to help them get the most votes. I never could have decided!

When I checked around noon on the 15th I noticed that Kaylynne and Stephanie had 171 votes, and Crystal had 143. I was pretty sure at that point that I knew who was going to win. However around 8pm Crystal’s votes started to rise again. I checked around 10:30 and she was at around 160 votes. I wasn’t sure that she could make it another 11 votes in a hour and a half…I was wrong! I stepped away from my computer for awhile and when I can back my clock read 12:00am. I quickly clicked to the contest pictures to see who had won. Kaylynne and Stephanie had 173 votes and Crystal had…173 votes!!!!!  Congratulations to Both of you! I cannot wait to see you again and to photograph you and your children! Here are the two winning portraits for everyone to enjoy!

I will post some more images from this session last month  soon!

Visit us on our website www.truth-photography.com or Facebook www.facebook.com/truthphotographyllc 

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