Jordan’s first birthday portraits 3/10/2012

This little cutie is Jordan. Jordan’s mother first contacted me a little over a year ago to schedule an appointment for Maternity portraits. She still had several months to go before Jordan was expected in June 2011. He was born 3 months early on March 16 2011. Needless to say we never got the chance to do any Maternity portraits. We finally got the chance to meet Jordan at our Halloween mini sessions last year and since then we have had the privileged of  photographing this adorable little miracle several times including this session for his first birthday! 

Since he was born the day before St. Patrick’s day we had to show off his “Irish side” with these fun seasonal portraits!

I had a little fun with the background on this one. The green in the background was added during editing. 

We love to use the natural backdrop of your home for some or all of your portraits. Here is a great example of how a simple setting can be used for your portraits. I had a little fun with the colors too.

My favorite portraits for one year is the cake portraits. I loved doing this with my son when her turned one and I am always excited when other parents want to do it for their one year old. Jordan didn’t eat very much of his cake, but he sure did have fun playing in it!

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