Military Family 2012

I was so honored when Branda, a good friend of mine, asked us to photograph her daughter
Kira, son-in-law Tony and their kids before he was deployed later this month.  I have known Branda for several years now, we worked together back when I was still assistant manager at a portrait studio. Now that we both own our own businesses (she is a consultant for Park Lane Jewelry check out her site if you are looking for some great jewelry! we see each other every few weeks when we get together to help and encourage other small business owners in the Denver Metro.

 I was excited when she told me recently that her oldest daughter Kira wanted us to take some family portraits for them. The last time I had the honor of photographing Kira she was pregnant with her older son who is about to turn three, now she has two adorable little boys who were so much fun during this photo shoot! I wanted the portraits to be patriotic so I brought along these flags for a few shots however once the boys had them they were so excited about them that they didn’t want to give them up! They wound up being in more of the pictures than expected but they came out adorable and the boys were happy. I loved taking these for all of you I hope you love them as much as I do!

The tags in this photo are ones that Tony wears with the name of his wife and his kids on them. I love this shot with the tags and their wedding rings in it. I thought it was beautiful that he wears these, it just shows how important this family is to him!










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