About Us

Truth Photography LLC  is a privately owned portrait photography company based in Westminster Colorado. We are not a studio, we shoot completely on location in your home or favorite park, open space, or even location in the city. This allows us to give each client a completely unique portrait experience based on their unique personality.



Jennifer Tavera

My interest in Photography goes back all the way to my childhood. I have always loved all types of art but I have a special love for photography and for capturing a moment in time that can never be replaced.

I studied portraiture and posing techniques working in a corporate children’s and family photography studio for 3 years starting as a photographer and eventually managing a studio for them. However in studio my ability to create unique portraits and true works of art was limited.

After the birth of my son I wanted the freedom to expand on what I had learned in my corporate job and try new photographic techniques while being home with my son as much as possible. So I quit my corporate job and started my own photography company with the help of my husband.

My passion is to create something that you will cherish for a lifetime. I love to create not just a simple snapshot but a work of art.

Adrian  Tavera

There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the perfect image. This is one of the many reasons that lead me to become a photographer. To me, art is more than an expression, it is an extension of who you are. As a photographer, I set out, not just to snap a captivating photograph, but to capture a moment that tells a

story for years to come.
The arts have always been a major part of who I am. Since my childhood they have played an important role in my life. Early on, I have always been one to sketch designs. While I have always showed interest in still photography, it was only a few years ago that I decided to pursue photography as my passion.
The biggest motivator to pursue this passion has been my wife. With her help, I have been able to elaborate my artistic skills. I was first able to do so in the portrait studio she was employed at. I worked as a creation artist. My entire job was to create fine art portraits for the customers. After the studio closed down, I focus on
perfecting my photography skills. I photographed everything from landscape to animals and eventually people.
In light of our son’s birth, my wife and I decided to start our own photography company. As owners of our own company we are able to explore different types of portraiture that we can bring to each family. It also allows me to watch my son grow up, as well as, finish my degree.
Currently, I am a student at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I am pursuing my degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Photojournalism. As a photojournalism student, I have learned to photograph images that tell the story of who you are. While I do use some Fine Art tactics, I commit myself to bring you a photograph that is an extension of you.
My style of photography allows me to capture you and your family in your natural element without sacrificing your expectations of professional portraiture. As the person behind the lens, there is nothing better than seeing these moments being created right before your eyes.

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